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About Us

Meet Courtney!

Courtney is a straight-talking birth trauma survivor on a journey of self-improvement and advocacy. She believes in accessibility, inclusion and equity for all. Courtney works part-time as a veterinary assistant while also being a full-time mom to her two children. She loves to travel the world with her family all while calling out hypocrisy and inaccessibility! 

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Meet Brittney!

Brittney is a passionate advocate and mother to two boys. She openly talks about her journey from birth trauma and NICU life to raising a child with disabilities - all while working her way through her own struggles with mental health. When she's not chasing after children and fighting her way through the medical system, she can be found hidden underneath unused skeins of yarn or snuggling dogs and chickens after a long day of gardening. 

“This podcast is a game-changer for the disability community. The hosts are authentic, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making a difference. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for support, resources, or inspiration.” - Disability Advocate
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